KARUNA WORKSHOP - Mindfulness Frame by Frame

Mark Williams & Antonia Sumbundu

Start Date : 2022-08-30

End Date : 2022-09-01


Mindfulness Frame by Frame

Mark Williams & Antonia Sumbundu

A two and a half day workshop/retreat for mindfulness teachers and trainers


During the two-day workshop Mark Williams and Antonia Sumbundu will offer new insights based on the recently developed course “Mindfulness Frame by Frame”, an eight-week programme exploring feeling tone (vedana) and designed as a follow-on for those who are familiar with mindfulness practice through having done a course of MBSR, MBCT or related programmes/retreats.

Buddhist traditions see feeling tone (vedana) as a fundamental element of every moment of experience and a foundational aspect of mindfulness and its practice. Feeling tone is implicit throughout any MBSR or MBCT progamme, and this course makes it explicit. Learning specific practices to help us become aware of feeling tone allows us to move in close and see clearly the very instant where we are at risk of becoming caught up in pursuing or rejecting something and are likely to become entangled in emotional distress. 


The workshop, designed for mindfulness teacher/ trainers provides an opportunity to see how the awareness of feeling tone reveals and then unlocks the habits of conditioning that would usually keep us trapped. It is a journey of discovery on many levels, and in order to support meditative awareness and the possible significant learning that can arise as we practice together and explore teachings the program will be conducted in a semi-retreat atmosphere with periods of noble silence. 



During these two and a half days you will have the chance 

(a)                           to learn about the new psychological science that shows the significance of feeling tone in perception, interpretation and action;  

(b)                           to experience the whole course as it takes you through specific meditations to prepare for, then help tune in to feeling tone ‘frame by frame’;

(c)                            to engage in enquiry to help discern the patterns of mind/body and the effects of increased awareness of the tonality of moment-to-moment experience in making wise choices.


The location of the retreat will be Strandgaarden Retreat Center, Esby Strandvej 8, 8420 Knebel.



The teachings are offered by the teachers out of generosity. Generosity is one of the foundations on which the continuity of the Buddha’s teachings has depended down the centuries and generosity is also the foundation for Karuna Workshops.
When you register you pay for acccomation and all meals. By the end of the retreat participants are invited to offer the teachers a donation.
IMPORTANT: Please bring cash for donation, as it is no longer possible to get cash in Gomde/Strandgaarden.
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For more information please visit www.karunaworkshops.dk or contact@karunaworkshops.dk/Susanne 60824845.
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