Inner Yoga & Unconditioned Confidence

Phakchok Rinpoche

Start Date : 2023-09-14

End Date : 2023-09-17





Phakchok Rinpoche introduces the yoga connected to Chandali, the consort of Buddha Amitayus, through which you can develop signs of tummo. Tummo is inner heat, which burns away subtle hindrances known as the four veils in the mandala of the subtle body.

Rinpoche will transmit Lamrim Yeshe Nyingpo, the heart essence of Padmasambhava, and the special Sadhana of Simplicity, a method to approach and connect with the enlightened mind of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.


About Phakchok Rinpoche

Phakchok Rinpoche is a lineage holder in the tradition of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. Using simple and direct words, he invites us to discover true dignity, grounded in love and insight.


Practical information

September 14, the teaching begins at 10 am. You are welcome to that morning or the day before. Arriving during the afternoon on the day before is included in the price. Please note in your reservation when you plan to arrive. 

The retreat ends after lunch on the 17th.


Prices for accommodation and meals

Single room: 4000 dkk

Bed in shared double room: 3000 dkk

Bed in dormitory: 2200 dkk

Camping with your own tent or caravan: 2000 dkk

Staying outside Gomde: 1800 dkk

Young under 25: 1200 dkk


You can present your gift of gratitude for the teachings directly to Phakchok Rinpoche during the retreat or online. 


Would you like to sponsor this event so that people with less resources can join? Click here for your choice.


If you need to transfer the amount in installment rates please contact us on


Rooms and dormitory spaces will be given at either Gomde or Strandgaarden.

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