Gomde Sommerlejr 2020

Start Date : 2020-07-08

End Date : 2020-08-07

Invitiation to Gomde Sommerlejr 2020

July 8 - August 7

Come and join Gomde’s sommerlejr! We will practice and study as a community of Dharma friends, and enjoy the summer in a meaningful way. 

This year we the sangha has Gomde for 5 weeks, like many have wished for. Welcome to Gomde Sommerlejr 2020 in beautiful and blessed Gomde. We want to use this time to deepen our practice, study and share dharma inspiration and celebrate our friendship as a Dharma family. 

All participants are both guests and hosts, and help with the practicalities. You are also welcome to present your own initiatives; maybe you’d like to offer a yoga class, organize a talent show, or contribute to the experience in another way. 

And you are welcome to bring your children. Parents can connect on the Facebook group to organize games and all kinds of heartwarming experiences for the kids. Grandparents and friends are also welcome.

We’ll organize this period into 5 separate weeks. For now we have four daily meditation sessions.

1 Morning: Shakyamuni sadhana and ‘healing smoke ceremony’

2 Before lunch: video teaching with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and discussion/exchange of our understanding.

3 After lunch there is time to fill in as you wish: meet in groups to practice: for example Tara Sadhana, shamatha-vipashyana, ngondro, outdoor meditation or go to the water and enjoy. 

4 In the evening we meditate together again. After this we could make a campfire, play music, dance, chant mantras or do anything we are in the mood for. 

We have many indoor and outdoor spaces where we can meditate, make ceremonies, recite sutras, study and share our talents. We will show videos with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's teachings from the past, and hopefully also the teaching Rinpoche will broadcast this summer. This of course will be highlights in the sommerlejr. 

The Sommerlejr 2020 starts july 8 and stops august 7. 

Your contribution will be 200 DKK per adult per day, for food and accomodation. Kids under 12 are for free. This will cover the basic expenses and hopefully also contribute to Gomde’s costs.

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook groups where all are welcome to contribute with initiatives and be part of giving shape to the program.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope you want to make this an unforgettable Sommerlejr 2020

Practical details 

Opening and conclusion

At your arrival check in and register between  15.00 and 17.00 at the office

Departure from rooms and dormitory before 10.00

Contribution payment of participants:

The rooms are for those who can’t sleep in tents, dormitory or outside of gomde. Please only request for a bedroom when you really need it. 

Contribution is 200 kr per day. this includes three meals a day and sleeping place. Snacks and drinks are for sale at the Utpala cafe. Kids under 12 are free. Along the way we will collect donations for Tsok, printing texts or for example juice and such.

This event is completely volunteer based. The contribution is the same whether you sleep in the tent, room or dormitory. Rooms are for those who really need them, other can sleep in a tent, dormitory or elsewhere. Place are booked on first come first serve basis.

Strandgaarden is rented out in this period and can not be booked.



click here to book

Week 1   wed.     8. juli - sun. 12. juli


Week 1 Booking

Week 2   mon. 13. juli - sun. 19. juli


Week 2 Booking

Week 3   mon. 20. juli - sun.  26. juli


Uge 3 Booking 

Week 4   mon. 27. juli - sun.  2. aug.


Week 4 Booking 

Week 5   mon.  3. aug. - fri.   7. aug.


Week 5 Booking

*If you stay sunday to monday you’ll pay 200 kr for the extra night.

Click HERE. to see Gomde’s booking policy. 


Dormitory: In the dormitory there is a mattress without bed sheets or blanket. Please bring your own cushion, sleeping bag, bedsheets and towel.

Single and double rooms:

In the rooms you must rent bed sheets and towel for 75 DKK per person. We need to change bed sheets minimum every 2 weeks to protect the beds. to be paid at your arrival.

Tents: We have a camping area at the beautiful orchard. A toilet is close by. 


You pay 50 kr/day extra for the caravan. 

Yogi jobs

We will all have yogi jobs. This could be serving food, kitchen shifts, cleaning or dishwashing etc. You will get the job at your arrival. It will take around 2 hrs per day. We are looking for team leaders of the yogi job divisions.

here you can read more about practicalities at Gomde.

Join us!

We are looking for help in the coordinator team, and yogi job team leaders. Together we will care for Gomde and lift it up. 


We are all responsible for hygiene (distance and handwashing) and keeping to the limitations of gatherings. Gomde does not take any responsibility for the spreading of the virus. Let us together take care of eachother. We will take measures in accordance with the government rules in kitchen, toilets and so forth.


Join in the virtues of the sommerlejr and sponsor the practice of a dharma friend in this period. Donations are very welcome. Mobile pay: write GS2020. You can also donate for Tsok, fresh made juice, refreshments and take part in bringing good energy to the practice of your dharma friends. 

Register Here

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